Occasions Media Group is a boutique publishing company with an affection for helping people. When it comes to getting the word out for small businesses, invigorating your faith, creative storytell- ing and being a megaphone for the things we’re most passionate about – our brands rise to the occasion.

Meet Us

Using editorial-like ads, we turn old-school direct mail ‘savers’ into a helpful, community-minded magazine locals like to read.

Published bi-monthly in an eye-catching wide body format, Social Magazines capture the attention of readers with powerful photography, interesting stories, and a sincere commitment to elevating small businesses in our community.

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Hopefuel makes a Christian planner designed to help women invigorate their faith and organize their lives.

Our ministry expands beyond organizational tools to promoting a lifestyle of living “hope fueled” so everyone we come into contact with can “overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit” (Roman 15:13), not their performance.

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Littleature® is “Literature for your littles” – an independent American publisher of Children’s books based in St. Augustine, FL.

Here you will find creative stories that spark learning and growth in your children. In today’s overly busy world, reading to your children slows life down in a special way. It’s a learning experience, time for connection and an undistracted time out of “real life” with your children we want to foster in the homes of families everywhere with our stories.

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