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Occasions Media Group is a boutique publishing company with an affection for helping people.  We celebrate great storytelling, connecting people, growing businesses, and being a megaphone for the things we’re most passionate about.

Our mission is to merge the immediacy of digital media with the luxury of print magazines to reach the most amount of people, wherever they are. Combine that with beautiful photography, eye-catching design, plus helpful content and you can finally toast to a modern marketing partner that understands how to make an impression.


Our Media Brands


Hopefuel creates workbooks, agendas and journals designed to help you through life. Launched in 2018 by Heather Vreeland with our flagship product, the Hope Planner, we are more than just bound and lined paper products.  Our books are thoughtful roadmaps to finding purpose in the everyday, success in the challenges, and redemption in the cloudiest moments.

Hopefuel’s ministry is to create tools that help people find themselves, success, peace, forgiveness, happiness and ultimately find unshakeable trust in God through the ups and downs of life using both biblical and common sense principles.

St. Augustine Social

Our mission is to celebrate life and style in St. Augustine and serve our community as thought leaders.  We discover interesting stories and interpret St. Augustine’s unique culture in a way that uplifts, educates and enlightens invested St. Augustinians.  We are a curated escape from the chaos of the everyday.  We live to create breathtaking imagery and engage in a warm, playful dialogue that promotes our town and the talent, commerce, food flavors, and top tastemakers that live here.Combining compelling stories, stunning photography and clean design with St. Augustine Social’s ultimate purpose to bridge the gap between resident, business and visitor, there’s never been such a commitment to bettering St. Augustine.


Littleature® is “Literature for your littles” – an independent American publisher of Children’s books based in St. Augustine, FL. Here you will find creative stories that spark learning and growth in your children.

In today’s overly busy world, reading to your children slows life down in a special way. It’s a learning experience, time for connection and an undistracted time out of “real life” with your children we want to foster in the homes of families everywhere with our stories.  Littleature® is the brainchild of Heather and Andrew Vreeland, a husband and wife team who have been working in the publishing world producing niche bridal and regional city magazines since 2008.

The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.

-Fabienne Fredrickson

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Storytelling is our passion.  Reaching people is our business.  Together, they make marketing easy for small businesses just like yours.  Let’s connect.


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