A Memorable Resume Example for Creative Job Seekers

I gather Human Resource Managers at banks and medical offices would turn up their noses at the sight of a non-traditional resume, but for creative job seekers, there’s nothing better in my opinion than an outside-of-the-box resume that screams…. “look at me!”…. “remember me!”

I receive piles of resumes to sift through all the time and 90% of them are BORING, but today this beauty came across my email and I couldn’t help but share with you.

Lavender, Emerald copy

Emerald Lavender is a writer who sent along the resume above.  She says “Most people color inside the lines when it comes to resumes, but since I’m a creative, I decided to take full advantage of the space. As a fashion, beauty, and interior design writer, I’m always describing colors and shapes. It seemed only natural to translate that over to my resume.” If you think you can’t do the very same thing because you’re not a graphic artist, your’e wrong.  Emerald actually worked with a graphic designer to execute her vision and personality on paper.  You can follow her blog at www.pinkballoons4lunch.com.

If you’re a writer, graphic designer, web developer, photo stylist or anything that falls under the realm of using your creative juices on the job….  let your personality and style shine through on paper. Not only will the words explain your expertise, the graphics will say so much more.  As a small business owner, I appreciate the extra effort and I imagine most other employers will too.