Analytics for all and for all a good night!

I’m just going to say it….. if there were a Google Analytics for print, maybe the industry wouldn’t be the target of so much criticism. Not just print even… television, radio, billboards… they’re all being made to be the bad guy because there’s no fancy software to tell you EXACTLY how many people touched, looked, or listened to your ad.

Just because there’s not doesn’t mean that those forms of advertising aren’t effective. Yes. It’s more difficult to measure the traffic generated, but discrediting the effectiveness of them all together is just plain wrong.

Food for thought… When you look at your Google Analytics account, notice two things…

1. Direct Traffic: those are people who have directly typed in your web address. Ever wonder how they knew your URL anyways?

2. Search Terms: if one of your top search terms is the name of your business, chances are that person who was searching your business name found out about you from another form of advertising.

I’m just sayin’…..