Featured: ‘She Is Fierce’ Podcast + Four Things I Want Every Woman in Business to Know

Featured: ‘She Is Fierce’ Podcast + Four Things I Want Every Woman in Business to Know

Home-Featured: ‘She Is Fierce’ Podcast + Four Things I Want Every Woman in Business to Know

Featured: ‘She Is Fierce’ Podcast + Four Things I Want Every Woman in Business to Know

Last year I was interviewed by my friend and fellow St. Augustine local Kelly Youngs, for a podcast she hosts as a part of her organization, She Is Fierce – a global women’s network that connects established leaders and women on the rise to give them the tools they need to follow their dreams.  Kelly and I met early on in her venture and my magazine, St. Augustine Social has featured her in several stories while we watched her events and initiative take the local women’s business community to new heights.  So… you can imagine my excitement having the tables […]

Introducing The Hope Planner

Almost two years ago I started reading the Bible everyday. It was at a time in my life where everything I was working towards was working against me. Eleven years into our marriage, after the birth of our son, while I was still trying to manage my role as “the boss” in the growing company I had founded before motherhood, I was miserable. Self-doubt consumed my thoughts, exhaustion overwhelmed me, our marriage was suffering and I thought “this is not the life God planned for his daughter,” and then it occurred to me in all of these new things in […]

Occasions Media Group Launches Children’s Book Imprint, Littleature®

Occasions Media Group is pleased to announce a new division of their company – Littleature, a children’s book imprint wholeheartedly focused on creating creative stories that spark learning and development in children. Littleature, a clever play on our narrative, “literature for little minds” – will create children’s books for ages 0-12 that help parents teach real world lessons and connect with their children through relatable stories and colorful illustrations.  Much of their book ideas in the works stem from real-world parenting experiences many families share.   Publisher, Heather Vreeland says “In today’s overly busy world, reading to your children slows […]

4 Ways to Improve the Way You Track Your Advertising and Better Understand Your Results

If you think “How did you hear about us?” is an adequate way to track your advertising – we’re here to tell you you are wrong.  Sorry to be so brash, but someone has to tell you. Before you get offended or leave this post, scroll down to be enlightened on the most effective ways to track your advertising and better understand your results. First, understand that transactions are different from reach.  When you buy an ad, you don’t buy a transaction, unless you buy a coupon or special offer style ad.  EVERYTHING ELSE IS REACH.   We get it,  when you […]

Celebrating New Beginnings with The Celebration Society

Today our company announced some big news regarding The Celebration Society over on the official Occasions Media Group site.  You can read it here.  I’ll wait. Okay you’re back. Yes!  You read that right, we’re growing, but we’re not doing it alone.  We’ve partnered with Nei-Turner Media Group out of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin to take the mission of The Celebration Society nationwide and I couldn’t be happier about the serendipitous sequence of events that led to this new arrangement.  So I thought, for our friends and family who’ve been following our business for the past 10 years, you’d like to […]

Occasions Media Group and Nei-Turner Media Group announce partnership to expand The Celebration Society

July 2017 – Occasions Media Group announced today an exciting partnership with Nei-Turner Media Group, Inc. to expand The Celebration Society nationwide.   The partnership pairs the interests of two media groups currently serving the wedding, party and meeting markets and unites their efforts under one team.  Heather Vreeland, founder of The Celebration Society, said, “It was incredibly serendipitous for us to find a partner whose business already parallels an industry The Celebration Society serves…..this partnership with Nei-Turner Media Group gives our small team the opportunity to bring our very big ideas for the future of The Celebration Society to […]

Remembering Why I Started

A brief note: I wrote this blog almost a year ago but was too scared to ever press publish for fear of being perceived as weak or giving up in my vulnerability. But privately, I knew I needed to write what I was feeling and I’m so glad I took the time to do it.  Writing this blog was wildly therapeutic for me because as I re-wrote my story on getting started, gave words to the true feelings I was experiencing as an entrepreneur and re-hashed “my why” internally, it help me clear the weird fog that had been clouding […]

Be the… Mother of the Bride

At my sisters wedding back in 200? (sorry I don’t remember) I recall saying to my mom “you’re not a loud to plan Dana’s wedding” (the youngest and next one to be married) because the poor woman barely had a chance to slow down the entire weekend while we alphabetized escort cards and showed up to the rehearsal dinner venue to find it closed.  Alas, Emily’s wedding went off without a hitch, but that’s was because we worked are bottoms off to make sure it did. WORKED being the key word.  We worked that wedding. Yes, there was lots of […]

St. Augustine Social Magazine Tells you Everything You Need to Know About Moving to St. Augustine, FL

St. Augustine Social, the city magazine for St. Augustine published by Occasions Media Group, recently created a complete guide outlining everything you need to know about moving to St. Augustine, FL and the surrounding St. Johns County area.   Editorial Director, Heather Vreeland said “St. Augustine, FL is quickly becoming an extremely sought after little city to live in.  As the area’s local city magazine, we know the ins and outs of living in St. Augustine so we compiled all of our insight in one convenient place to make moving to St. Augustine so much easier.” The St. Augustine, FL […]

Is Print Advertising Still Relevant Now that We Have Social Media Marketing?

Q:  Is print still relevant now that we have social media marketing?  A:  Yes. Yes. Yes!  Today we’re answering the ever present question “Is print still relevant now that we have social media marketing?” because this question is sent to our sales team nearly weekly these days.  And for good reason.  Non-marketers like business owners, sales teams, and regular folk just trying to do their job are legitimately confused, unsure of where to spend their marketing dollars and mostly where to invest their marketing TIME to garner the biggest return.  We get it. I ask you this….  In the beginning […]