The Celebration Society Announces New Frequency for Weddings Edition

The Celebration Society Announces New Frequency for Weddings Edition

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The Celebration Society Announces New Frequency for Weddings Edition

MARCH 2016 – Occasions Media Group announced today a new distribution plan for The Celebration Society that will change the frequency of their Weddings magazine from a tri-annual schedule to an annual edition beginning in 2017.    The decision to combine three issues into one was considered after much research and analysis of the publications target demographic.  Editorial Director, Heather Vreeland says  “We’ve noticed many of our brides are one-time readers because once they use the magazine for it’s core purpose: to pick their wedding style, find a venue, and hire their vendors, they really don’t need to purchase future […]

The Celebration Society Celebrates 20th Issue Release

This month, The Celebration Society announced the release of their Fall 2015 issue of The Celebration Society: Weddings. This issue marks the 20th printed edition of the magazine, formally titled Occasions and features the best venue guide in the southeast, including over 65 wedding venues in Florida and Georgia. The Celebration Society Venue Guide highlights images of the venue, important logistics like style and capacity and contact information for the individuals behind the venue doors. “It’s important that our readers feel informed and comfortable with the wedding planning process,” says Editorial Director Heather Vreeland. “This venue guide gives our brides […]

How We Keep Track of Contributors with CoSchedule

Managing two publications with vast contributor pools used to mean countless emails, constant check-ins and an endless deadline guessing game. It’s tricky, keeping up with creative professionals. No amount of Facebook group chatting or emails can ensure the progress of tasks and muster the level of ownership and responsibility the way working in a brick and mortar office can. Working in an office is a motivating experience, but we recently found ourselves desperate for a way to convey that same level of productivity online.  We dug around the web to find the right tool to bring our team together and […]

Now Hiring: Editor, The Celebration Society

When I get to write posts like this I feel like I am officially a contributing member of society. Employing people has a whole different level of satisfaction beyond the thrill successfully growing the business of our advertisers has.  It’s deeper.  Sort of a validation that the work we are doing, is working and we need more people to keep doing it.  That’s an awesome feeling. So, today I am super excited to share that we have officially begun the search for an Editor of The Celebration Society to join our team.  Yay! The perfect person for the job has an […]

Showing the Way

I recently came across this quote on Facebook that struck a nerve with me. A good one. “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.“ ~ J C Maxwell It made me think of how I feel about this blog.  I started it with the intention of sharing marketing and business advice with friends and clients and not with the intention of being a blogger.  A money making blogger that is.  So, posting here gets put on the bottom of my to do list after I’ve tended to everything relative to what I […]

Introducing The Celebration Society

Occasions Media Group announced today a rebrand of their flagship title, Occasions to The Celebration Society.  The new direction is just the first step in a strong editorial change that puts the focus on highlighting the people and places brides, moms and party planners need to organize an unforgettable occasion. WHY THE CHANGE? When it comes to events like weddings and parties, the information sources are endless. Maybe even a little too much.  In sea of pretty pictures and continuous scrolls of inspiration we started to ask ourselves “how do we deliver something different?”  So we set out to find out […]

Occasions Media Group Renames ‘Mitzvahs’ Issue to ‘Parties’

Occasions Media Group announced today an exciting new direction for their annual Mitzvah Guide that includes a rename to ‘Parties” and more editorial content. Based on the results of our recent advertiser survey, we’ve decided to broaden the scope of the issue to include birthday parties and other celebrations and rename the issue “parties.”  says Heather Vreeland, Editorial Direction.  Advertisers need not worry about a change in demographics or distribution, our biggest demographic is still and will always be Jewish families planning bar/bat mitzvahs since they are the largest scale party.  What we’ve found is that often inspiration from parties can […]

Marketing Fail: What to NOT do at a Bridal Show

I’ve been holding onto this image for a while to share. Honestly, it’s a pretty hilarious #marketingfail in my opinion.  This is the booth directly across from one of our Occasions booths at a Georgia Bridal Show a few years ago.  Do you see this guy?  He sat like this for the majority of the show.  He looks pretty approachable and eager to earn your business, right?  Wrong. The solution is simple.  If you want to attract new clients and book business at bridal shows you have to get up and get engaged.  Period.  Push the table to the side, […]

Can a Business Rely on Word of Mouth Alone?

It depends. While monitoring my web traffic to I noticed quite a bit of traffic coming from the search phrase “Can a business rely on word of mouth alone?”  While I’ve addressed similar topics before, I’ve never really answered this particular question so let’s take a look. You asked… “Can a business rely on word of mouth alone?” It depends….on what you expect to get out of your business. So I will ask you…. How much money do you want to make?  This number will determine the volume of business your company needs to be doing to equal the […]

What You Can Learn from These Thought Provoking Print Ads That Are Quick to Catch the Reader’s Attention

I came across this great blog post that compiled  27 Creative Print Ads You’ll Love, but I have to say… I’m sick of writers opening their articles about print media with the idea that print might be a lost art just because people use digital devices these days.  Sure, I have a cell phone, ipad, a laptop and desktop computer, but at this very moment I also have no less than 10 magazines in my house between my office, bedroom nightstand, living room coffee table and bathroom.  And, I’ll wager to bet so do most other people. People.  It’s not about […]