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There is not a single business owner I know that loves to spend money on advertising.  Why?  Because they can’t see it working, trust it’s working or understand how it works. But there is a solution. Imagine you are a pilot who has encountered bad weather.  You can’t see out of your windshield. You might feel like your flying straight when in actuality you’re diving straight into the ground because your senses are disoriented (spacial disorientation….trust me, it’s real).  So, you throw feelings out the window and look to your instruments like an artificial horizon, altimeter, vertical speed indicator and compass to help you land […]

Your Facebook Business Page Reach & Effectiveness

I meet people every day who don’t take their Facebook Business Page seriously.  If you stop thinking Facebook is just for socializing, gossip, & connecting with old high school friends and start thinking of ways you can capitalize on the audience and free advertising platform… you just might be surprised what you’ll find out. Today my relationship manager at Occasions pointed out to me that Facebook has just introduced tracking data for business page admins that shows you how many people & what percentage of your audience (“likes”) your posts are reaching.  Here’s a snapshot of a recent post on […]

Magazine Advertising is InStyle

September is my favorite month.  Not just because my birthday is on the 17th, but because September is the best month for magazines.  Everyone knows that in the fashion magazine world, the September issue is THE issue of the year.  It’s when all of our favorite fashion magazines take us from summer to fall fashion and advertisers flock to print medias to get there brands in front of all of us fashionistas. I mean… they even made a movie about it. Today I bought the September InStyle Magazine and I’m proud as hell to say that this issue has 638 […]

“I don’t get anything from Advertising”

I’ve got news for you.. if you think this is the case for your business… you are widely mistaken.  This may sound blunt, but sometimes everyone needs a little brutal honestly to get their attention. Advertising is not a scam. In fact, if advertising didn’t work, the gig would be up by now. So…. if the thought has crossed your mind “I don’t get anything from advertising,”  here are a few things I’d like to ask you… Are you tracking the performance of your ads? How are you tracking the performance of your ads? Are you using custom URLs or […]

Websites & Blogs: To combine or not to combine?

So it’s been a bit since I last posted and I do believe the cardinal sin of blogging is to not blog regularly and then apologize to readers for not blogging regularly…. so, sue me. Besides being the Publisher & Editor of Occasions Magazine, I’m absolutely over the moon for anything that has to do with marketing.  I call it a way of life and small business marketing truly is just that.  My advertising clients have caught on and I often get email asking for advice on nearly everything.  A few weeks ago a fabulous client of mine sent me […]

Being a Business Owner

I just have to spill my guts here… I hope you don’t mind. There is much weight lifted off my shoulders as I write this post.  I just uploaded the final edits to the printers for the Winter 2011 issue of Occasions Magazine.  Let me just TELL you how stressful these past few weeks have been.  Not just because putting together a 148 page magazine is stressful in itself (especially when you only have 3 people on staff) but, because putting together a 148 page magazine, with 3 people on staff, in 14 days is DAMN stressful.  And, let me […]

How to Make a Small Business Marketing Plan

Hello from gorgeous LA!  I’m up early for once in my life (eh hem, because my body thinks it’s three hours later than it actually is here) so for the attendees of The Party Goddess Uncensored, and everyone else who will read this post, I wanted to write a quick follow up to my session on Full Circle Marketing yesterday.  Marketing may not be your specialty, but it’s absolutely essential to build your business. Here are a few of my key points from yesterday…. Determine your Budget: Think about how much money you made this year, how much you want […]

Ways to Track Print Advertising

Print advertising is a strong medium for reaching the masses, but since the inception of the internet, it’s gotten a bad wrap because there’s simply no “google analytics” for print and you’ve got to put more effort into tracking it’s effect.  These things don’t make the medium useless though.  Beware of the bandwagon.  Instead of assuming the effectiveness of a print ad campaign based on what you’ve heard others say, educate yourself and use these suggested methods to track your print promotional methods and make statements based on what you have researched. Custom URL in your print ad It is […]

What If There Were No Advertising?

Most of you are so quick to think that advertising doesn’t work for your business so, I have a question for you. What if there were no advertising available in this world?  What would you do? Let’s hypothesize a bit on this…. Your first thought is that you might tell all your friends about your business and ask them to tell all of their friends.  This is a simple strategy but do you know enough people to sustain your business and do all of your friends need the service you provide?  What if they have another friend that has the […]

Custom Publishing Brochures and your Marketing Plan

Let’s just jump right into the heart of the matter here.  Marketing is two faced (in a good way though, I promise).  There’s internal marketing and external marketing and each have their role in building your business. External Marketing utilizes media and campaigns that reach an audience you’ve not met.  It’s a platform to introduce your company to potential clients and attract their attention to your business rather than someone else.  An example of external marketing sources are industry websites, magazines, bridal shows, radio ads, television ads, networking groups.  These mediums are the essential bridge between you and your  new […]