Marketing Mistakes 101: Relying only on Word-of-Mouth & Referrals

Marketing Mistakes 101: Relying only on Word-of-Mouth & Referrals

Home-Marketing Mistakes 101: Relying only on Word-of-Mouth & Referrals

Marketing Mistakes 101: Relying only on Word-of-Mouth & Referrals

This is going to be a touchy subject.  Why?  Because small business owners are notorious for relying wholeheartedly on word-of-mouth marketing and referrals from past clients and other vendors to build their business.  Though it’s not my intention to rain on your referral parade, my purpose of this post is to open your eyes to the control you relinquish to everyone else when you rely on their impression of your business alone. FACT:   Word-of-Mouth marketing is the only uncontrollable form of marketing you have of your business.  It’s the simple truth that you cannot control what people say and do.  […]

To Publish or Not to Publish, That is the Question.

***Disclaimer:  this post has nothing to do with my recent Twitter update regarding publishing related to advertising.*** There’s a small spot between a rock and hard place I’ve recently found myself between and I’d like for you to weigh in on it.  I’ve added a lot of real event features recently to the website of Occasions Magazine and while I love them, they’ve been coming with some baggage.  When a real event is submitted to me, I email the host/hostess an interview form where they answer my questions on decor, most memorable moment, unique touches, etc.  Recently, I’ve had a […]

SWAG: Make it Memorable

I’ve been wanting to post this blog since my last issue release party in January. We had a big event at the venue featured on the cover and gave swag bags to all the attendees. Each of my Occasions Magazine advertisers had the opportunity to put marketing materials in the swag bags and I was most impressed by Atlantic Limousine & Transportation. They gave pens with their logo. Sounds boring huh? They weren’t. Instead, they took the traditional pen and made it memorable by placing it a box and including in the box a message that made it make sense. […]

Editorial Integrity : Writing for the Reason not the Reward

I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching about editorial integrity lately. I came from a background in Broadcast Journalism, but I never quite “got it” until I became the person responsible for generating editorial for an entire magazine. Now, I get it. Before my days of publishing, I handled all the marketing for a spa. Public Relations and any type of editorial coverage was numero uno on the list. It is free afterall. Strike that. I shouldn’t say free. Because free means the subject matter in question was originally associated with a price and that’s not the case when […]

Go with the People You Know

I promise you. I will get better at this blogging thing! We’re pretty regular in the AO offices with keeping the blog up-to-date, but allotting the time to spend on my marketing rants and raves has been somewhat of a challenge! Heather 2.0 is coming along.. but it needs some upgrades for sure. 😉 Anyways, I’ve been getting a lot of requests for advice from my advertisers and industry contacts recently regarding my take on new bridal shows or other advertising opportunities springing up out of no where for wedding vendors. So I’ll just answer everyone as a group […]

The Story of Me

There’s an upcoming event in Atlanta for Wedding Professionals that’s all about business plans. Although, the thought of writing one kind of brings one back to college paper writing days, my journey to Atlanta Occasions started as a direct result from my business plan so I have a special place in my heart for them… no matter what stage of your business. The irony is however, I didn’t write the business plan for the current business I own…… so here’s my story. In 2006 I moved to Atlanta knowing no one and nothing about this city. I left behind a […]

Your Marketing Engine Mechanic

Three years ago (October of 2006 to be exact) I attended a BNI meeting in Stockbridge Georgia after I first moved to Atlanta. I didn’t know anyone but looked the group up on the internet and found the chapter near my house. At that event I met several people, collected business cards, etc. A few months later I hired an Accountant, Kim Maxwell, who I had met at the group and she has been my accountant ever since. But what’s unique about this story is, in the clump of business cards I collected at that one meeting, there was a […]

Buying more than just an AD

Walmart is good for one thing. People watching. No wait, two things… midnight runs to buy the movie Twilight when you realize you can’t stream it live from Netflix (yes, that really happened). I used to shop at Walmart. I admit. I was single, broke and starting my fresh new career and on a budget. Every time I went grocery shopping I would get so frustrated because Walmart never had the fresh produce I was looking for. I’d inevitably have to go to a second store to complete my list, walk into Publix and be immediately greeted by every single […]

Getting accurate answers to “How did you hear about us?”

Let’s just get one thing straight. It’s not the job of your potential customers to keep track of your marketing efforts, it’s yours. So don’t leave their response to the question “How did you hear about us?” open for interpretation. The response should be pretty simple. Comparing your marketing plan.. it was either.. your print ad, your online ad, a friend, or recent PR coverage, etc. Assuming your new client is a bride…. Give the girl some options. Do you think that after looking through a handful of magazines, perusing thousands of web pages .. when a she finally picks […]

Diversity Universitiy

In life, the saying often goes “don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.” It’s true. And for good reasons. Take a lesson from the Bernie Madoff scandal. Many of those investors trusted the majority of their money to one man. One man who stole it from them. They believed and trusted in one man to make them millions. Why? Because he talked a good talk and had a pretty good reputation. Everyone else invested with him, why not them? But, instead of putting all of their eggs in one basket, had they diversified their funds into multiple investment […]