Results, Relationships and Investing in your Business.

Results, Relationships and Investing in your Business.

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Results, Relationships and Investing in your Business.

The other day I had a conversation with a local business owner who shall remain nameless. He was interested in finding out about advertising and as always I asked “what are you currently doing to promote your business?” His first response “Word of Mouth.” Of course! Everyone says all of their business comes from word of mouth. Moving on…. His second response was an online ad he was running on a competing site of mine but he said something interesting. “I’ve been advertising with {} for three months and I haven’t gotten one single booking. They have a leads system, […]

Analytics for all and for all a good night!

I’m just going to say it….. if there were a Google Analytics for print, maybe the industry wouldn’t be the target of so much criticism. Not just print even… television, radio, billboards… they’re all being made to be the bad guy because there’s no fancy software to tell you EXACTLY how many people touched, looked, or listened to your ad. Just because there’s not doesn’t mean that those forms of advertising aren’t effective. Yes. It’s more difficult to measure the traffic generated, but discrediting the effectiveness of them all together is just plain wrong. Food for thought… When you look […]

Knowing is Half the Battle

In my opinion, advertising and its purpose, are widely misunderstood. In the vast gray area between calls to action and brand awareness the average business person gets lost in the purpose, point and profound importance advertising brings to the growth of businesses. The purpose of advertising is to expose your business to potential clients. Period. Be the town crier, bridge the gap, be your voice. Go without it, and you have a mute message. Here’s where the major misconception comes into play….. Companies that sell advertising don’t sell customers – directly that is. Frankly, it would be impossible and probably […]

It Happened to Me again…

Tonight’s a short but sweet message…. This weekend was a whirlwind of Bridal Events in Metro Atlanta and I spent the better half of my Sunday congratulating newly engaged gals on their upcoming nuptials. One girl, in particular, stood out. As soon as I handed her a magazine she said “Oh are you the creator?!?! I’m on your website almost everyday! I read about you in H Magazine… I live in Henry County too!” It happened again. Right before my very own eyes someone admitted that they actually READ magazines and that she actually found out about me from a […]

Just when you thought magazines were useless….

Let’s get one thing straight: It’s not my intention to use this blog to sell advertising. Yes, I sell advertising for a living, but rather than push my product, I’m just trying to bring light to an industry that always gets heat because people just don’t understand it. But today, I’m here to tell you that apparently advertising, more specifically print, does work. I experienced the results myself . 😉 Well not directly myself, but indirectly of sorts. It was my magazine after all. Each month, on the third Wednesday my company and fellow publisher friend Linda Surles of Atlanta […]

The Seed that “Word of Mouth” Stems from: Advertising

If you follow me on Twitter you know I’ve been bitching A LOT about AT&T lately. I am a small business owner which means, I have a small operating budget and fancy expensive phone service, just ain’t in the cards. I’ve been on the prowl for new, less expensive phone service with no avail. I’ve heard Google Talk is the way to go, but apparently it’s limited, and I need a solution now. On a recent 12 hour road trip to Arkansas I occupied my time eagerly flipping through the September Issue of Inc. Magazine. (I have to admit, I’m […]