Be the… Mother of the Bride

At my sisters wedding back in 200? (sorry I don’t remember) I recall saying to my mom “you’re not a loud to plan Dana’s wedding” (the youngest and next one to be married) because the poor woman barely had a chance to slow down the entire weekend while we alphabetized escort cards and showed up to the rehearsal dinner venue to find it closed.  Alas, Emily’s wedding went off without a hitch, but that’s was because we worked are bottoms off to make sure it did. WORKED being the key word.  We worked that wedding. Yes, there was lots of celebrations happening, but did we live in every moment? Grasp every memory possible and be present in all the conversations with friends and family?  Probably not. We were busy putting on the show!  That was part of our inspiration in rebranding Occasions Magazine to The Celebration Society.  In searching for our ultimate brand message and what separates us from every other gazillion wedding blogs/magazines out there the images that filled my brain were those of being too busy worrying about the event that I couldn’t just enjoy the events from my life.  The night before my wedding I was hot glueing artificial ivy and hydrangeas together (BARF << Don’t ask me what I was thinking) for the pew decorations instead of gushing with my sisters about why I chose to marry Andrew.

This is why The Celebration Society exists >> to elevate the importance of hiring professionals. To say it’s okay to spend that money on their services. To encourage delegation.  To build trust in the system and to eliminate the unnecessary stress of a wedding. And to help you make more memories. When we pinpointed what our switch would be, what it would mean, I always knew I would come up with a branding campaign to drive the message home to make it click…..and I feel pretty certain I was finally able to put into design the message my brain so clearly saw with these ads running in 2017 our Annual issue.

Tonight, validation came to me when I checked my phone and found a text from my mom with this picture and she said “best ad ever.”  😉
Amazing image by wedding film photographer, Davy Whitener