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This is not just a job.  So, this is no ordinary application process.

We believe, that your work fuels your family and your family fuels your work.  The ultimate work/life balance is when the two can synergistically grow together, not interfere with one another.   We consider every employee of Occasions Media Group to be a part of our company “family dynamic” therefore we are very selective during the interview process to make sure every person we add to the team, fits naturally.

To apply for any position at Occasions Media Group, please complete the form below and be as candid and honest as possible.  The more you tell us about yourself and your current employment needs, the more you’ll feel less like a stranger to us and more like the perfect new team player.

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  • Our company is heavily run by technology. We use online customer databases, online data storage, online document signing, email, chat, texting, video conference calls, file sharing, online accounting systems, online credit card processing systems, and more. It is imperative that our team members are one with technology and understand all facets through and through.
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