Marketing Fail: What to NOT do at a Bridal Show

Marketing Fail: What to NOT do at a Bridal Show

Home-Marketing Fail: What to NOT do at a Bridal Show

Marketing Fail: What to NOT do at a Bridal Show

I’ve been holding onto this image for a while to share. Honestly, it’s a pretty hilarious #marketingfail in my opinion.  This is the booth directly across from one of our Occasions booths at a Georgia Bridal Show a few years ago.  Do you see this guy?  He sat like this for the majority of the show.  He looks pretty approachable and eager to earn your business, right?  Wrong. The solution is simple.  If you want to attract new clients and book business at bridal shows you have to get up and get engaged.  Period.  Push the table to the side, […]

Can a Business Rely on Word of Mouth Alone?

It depends. While monitoring my web traffic to I noticed quite a bit of traffic coming from the search phrase “Can a business rely on word of mouth alone?”  While I’ve addressed similar topics before, I’ve never really answered this particular question so let’s take a look. You asked… “Can a business rely on word of mouth alone?” It depends….on what you expect to get out of your business. So I will ask you…. How much money do you want to make?  This number will determine the volume of business your company needs to be doing to equal the […]

What You Can Learn from These Thought Provoking Print Ads That Are Quick to Catch the Reader’s Attention

I came across this great blog post that compiled  27 Creative Print Ads You’ll Love, but I have to say… I’m sick of writers opening their articles about print media with the idea that print might be a lost art just because people use digital devices these days.  Sure, I have a cell phone, ipad, a laptop and desktop computer, but at this very moment I also have no less than 10 magazines in my house between my office, bedroom nightstand, living room coffee table and bathroom.  And, I’ll wager to bet so do most other people. People.  It’s not about […]

Proof That Brides Aren’t just Planning Their Weddings Online

Ring the alarms, print media lives!  Once again, I was proven right this morning by a glorious facebook posting from one of the companies we recently featured in our Fall 2013 issue of Occasions: Weddings in Florida.  Natalie of Fink Ink Designs said “Today a bride told me she saw my name with a feature of watercolor stationers in a bridal magazine and went to my website and fell in love with my work” TODAY’S LESSON:  “she saw my name …in a bridal magazine and went to my website” = PRINT TRIGGERS INTERNET SEARCH See it, in all its glory […]

Marketing Truth: You Have to Spend Money to Make Money

I meet so many business owners who are unwilling to invest in proven advertising avenues for fear (or worse, assumptions) they won’t work.  When you place your personal feelings or insecurities before market research and proven results your business suffers.  Believe in the systems that are there to help your business grow and your bottom line will bloom!

Best Songs to Re-Energize You After a Bad Day

Today was a doozy of a day.  I have no idea how it went from up early and optimistic to on edge and ready to break something, but the switch happened rapidly I tell you.  Sigh.  I hate days like this.  So, to pull myself out of a funk I found myself some pick-me-up music to re-energize, re-focus and inspire me to DO WORK. I’ve been thinking of this post for a while now, and it just so happens today was the perfect day to put together.   If you have a bad case of the Mondays.. Tuesdays or Thursdays….. […]

Free Margaret Thatcher Quote Iphone Lock Screen Graphic

Happy Friday friends.  I made this graphic for my iphone today as a bit of inspiration and personal reminder to carry around with me.  I’m a huge fan of Margaret Thatcher (if you’ve not seen The Iron Lady… drop what you’re doing right now and go rent it… heck buy it) and this is one of my favorite quotes of hers.

A Memorable Resume Example for Creative Job Seekers

I gather Human Resource Managers at banks and medical offices would turn up their noses at the sight of a non-traditional resume, but for creative job seekers, there’s nothing better in my opinion than an outside-of-the-box resume that screams…. “look at me!”…. “remember me!” I receive piles of resumes to sift through all the time and 90% of them are BORING, but today this beauty came across my email and I couldn’t help but share with you. Emerald Lavender is a writer who sent along the resume above.  She says “Most people color inside the lines when it comes to […]

Questions to Ask your Advertising Account Executive when Researching New Marketing Options

It’s just about the time of the year when most wedding businesses start to evaluate their current marketing initiatives and consider new options for the upcoming year.  So, I bring to you today the best way I know how you can choose the BEST advertising option that will bring you the most possible new business….. and that’s being in the know.  And being in the know starts with asking the right questions.  I gather most of you are not a savvy marketing director or advertising executive and that you may need some guidance on just the right questions to ask […]

You’re a Networking Ninja, But Are You Making Any Money?

I think we can all agree on one thing.  Popularity is addicting.  It feels great being the most popular vendor, having the most Facebook friends and being invited to every networking event in town.  But do all of those things equal a positive balance sheet and money in your bank?  I’m not quite so sure. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the past 5 years of business, it’s that popularity does not equal cash.  And, in business cash is king.  While being popular might fill your emotional love tank, it does not always fill your bank account. During the […]