Great Ad Placement: An Ad that Boosts Votes in Local “Best of” Competition

If there were ever a case where a business could receive immediate response from advertising, I’ve found an example today.  The St. Augustine Record holds an annual “Best of St. Augustine” contest each year and the locals love it.  It’s competitive and the businesses who win toute their “best of” status all year long.

Today I went to enter my votes and noticed they changed up the voting process (since the last time I entered) and each category was listed like the example below.   Those ads you see are a great example of excellent ad placement.

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 9.47.28 AM

Why it Works:

  1. The system makes it easy for people to vote by allowing users to click on the ads to auto-fill their vote.  Easy breezy for voter = more votes for you.
  2. It REMINDS readers of your business in each category!
  3. It’s yet another touch point to put your company branding in front of a new audience.

If the status of being voted “Best of St. Augustine” (or anywhere) is incredibly important to you, this would have been a great use of your advertising dollars to ensure more votes.

To all of you nay-sayers …… I hear you that whining about having to “pay for votes” but let’s get real… that’s exactly what these type competitions are about.  They’re designed so you can win the title (in whatever way you do) and promote yourself all year long as being “voted” the best and The St. Augustine Record can increase their web traffic during the voting period.  So, capitalize on the opportunity!