It Happened to Me again…

Tonight’s a short but sweet message….

This weekend was a whirlwind of Bridal Events in Metro Atlanta and I spent the better half of my Sunday congratulating newly engaged gals on their upcoming nuptials. One girl, in particular, stood out. As soon as I handed her a magazine she said “Oh are you the creator?!?! I’m on your website almost everyday! I read about you in H Magazine… I live in Henry County too!”

It happened again. Right before my very own eyes someone admitted that they actually READ magazines and that she actually found out about me from a recent article that was written in H Magazine. Who would have thunk it? FYI.. I also had an ad in that same magazine, same issue.

Bottom line people. If they’re reading articles, they’re seeing ads. There’s no way they can’t. Period.

Here’s my fabulous 15 mintues of fame that ran earlier this year.