Knowing is Half the Battle

In my opinion, advertising and its purpose, are widely misunderstood. In the vast gray area between calls to action and brand awareness the average business person gets lost in the purpose, point and profound importance advertising brings to the growth of businesses.

The purpose of advertising is to expose your business to potential clients. Period. Be the town crier, bridge the gap, be your voice. Go without it, and you have a mute message.

Here’s where the major misconception comes into play….. Companies that sell advertising don’t sell customers – directly that is. Frankly, it would be impossible and probably illegal in some states. 😉 It’s unfortunate, and because I sell advertising too, I would LOVE to be able to guarantee my clients and advertisers an exact amount of new customers they will bring in from their advertisements. It’s just not the case. What advertising account executives bring to the table is exposure. Media avenues guarantee exposure to people that will either see, hear or touch your ads. Impressions, viewers, readers, traffic, visitors, and pageviews are a measurable guarantee. That is what you buy.

Your message and product that relates to the client’s need is what turns those impressions into inquiries. Once the calls start coming in, it’s now up the sales staff, customer service reps and you to qualify the client and close the sale. Not the ad. That ad’s responsibility was exposure. And it delivered.

My suggestion? Quantify the advertising medium you choose. Doing so will increase your chances of turning those impressions into inquiries and then clients. You are buying exposure, not customers, so make sure the exposure is the right exposure for you.

If you choose the best medium for your business but still aren’t getting the result, don’t be quick to blame the vehicle. Take a look a your message. Revamp it. Change the image, wording, call to action, offer, etc. I’m sure your advertising executive would be happy to help make suggestions and adjustments. You never know, you may just get a completly different response.

Closing common sense comparison: Imagine if you only used YOUR word of mouth to deliver the message about your business to friends, neighbors and family, but not one came to buy or hire you. Would you stop speaking and blame yourself for not working? Probably not….