Magazine Advertising is InStyle

September is my favorite month.  Not just because my birthday is on the 17th, but because September is the best month for magazines.  Everyone knows that in the fashion magazine world, the September issue is THE issue of the year.  It’s when all of our favorite fashion magazines take us from summer to fall fashion and advertisers flock to print medias to get there brands in front of all of us fashionistas. I mean… they even made a movie about it.

Today I bought the September InStyle Magazine and I’m proud as hell to say that this issue has 638 pages!!!!   You might think that proud is an odd word to describe my feelings, after all, the only affiliation I have with InStyle is that I too am a magazine publisher, but proud is exactly how I feel.

I’m proud of the print magazine industry in general because even with the biased chorus of our internet adversaries singing to the tune of “oh print is on the way out” we’ve flourished, grown and continued to be a great marketing source for small and large businesses.

The advertisers you see inside of InStyle invest some serious money on those ads and they do it to better their bottom line.  In return, InStyle delivers an incredible, loyal, captive audience.   If it didn’t work, do you think you’d still see such fat magazines year after year?

InStyle may not be my magazine, but I feel like there is still cause for personal celebration of my own, because when I see it continue to work and thrive on the large scale, I only know I’m headed in the right direction with my magazine on a smaller scale.

Magazines – large or small, are alive and well – and in style too.