Now Hiring: Editor, The Celebration Society

When I get to write posts like this I feel like I am officially a contributing member of society. Employing people has a whole different level of satisfaction beyond the thrill successfully growing the business of our advertisers has.  It’s deeper.  Sort of a validation that the work we are doing, is working and we need more people to keep doing it.  That’s an awesome feeling.

So, today I am super excited to share that we have officially begun the search for an Editor of The Celebration Society to join our team.  Yay!


The perfect person for the job has an impeccable eye for style and looks with a discerning eye for honest-to-goodness great ideas for modern day weddings and parties and can create super shareable posts that cover those things in a fun, casual, relatable way.  This person should be social media savvy, big-time advocates for print and digital media and literally obsessed with weddings, parties and celebrations of all kinds.  Oh, and a natural talent for connecting people is a major plus.  This is the perfect career for an enthusiastic people person, problem solver, idea generator, cheerleader and all around team player who wants to work side-by-side their best friends and know their daily work makes a huge impact on the growth of their company.

Not to mention all the obvious work skills of an Editor too (you can read the whole official post with specific details over here).

If you think you are the perfect person for the job, email me at [email protected]

Image by Rustic White Photography