St. Augustine Social Magazine Tells you Everything You Need to Know About Moving to St. Augustine, FL

St. Augustine Social, the city magazine for St. Augustine published by Occasions Media Group, recently created a complete guide outlining everything you need to know about moving to St. Augustine, FL and the surrounding St. Johns County area.  

Editorial Director, Heather Vreeland said “St. Augustine, FL is quickly becoming an extremely sought after little city to live in.  As the area’s local city magazine, we know the ins and outs of living in St. Augustine so we compiled all of our insight in one convenient place to make moving to St. Augustine so much easier.”

The St. Augustine, FL Mover’s Guide outlines everything you need to know about moving to St. Augustine, FL including local city and county government entities, where to get utilities services set up like water, cable, internet and phone, public schools, private schools, local medias and radio stations.

But being a part of the St. Augustine, FL community is so much more than just getting your house set up so the section also tells potential new residents fun things only the locals know like how to buy a beach pass, where you pick up your discount parking card for the downtown parking garage and which local Facebook groups to join to stay in the loop.  

According to the Bureau of Economic Growth and Business Research at University of Florida the population in St. Johns County is expected to grow to 253,600 in 2020 and 326,900 in 2030.  “Whether you are a young family or newly retired, clearly the trend of moving towards relocating to St. Augustine, FL isn’t slowing down,” Vreeland continues.

Families considering moving to the area are encouraged to subscribe to St. Augustine Social magazine to get an insider’s view of what our community is like. Simply visit to receive six issues per year via mail for $10.

For more information on St. Augustine Social, contact Heather Vreeland at [email protected].  




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