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Our mission is to celebrate life and style in St. Augustine and serve our community as thought leaders.  We discover interesting stories and interpret St. Augustine’s unique culture in a way that uplifts, educates and enlightens invested St. Augustinians.  We are a curated escape from the chaos of the everyday.  We live to create breathtaking imagery and engage in a warm, playful dialogue that promotes our town and the talent, commerce, food flavors, and top tastemakers that live here.

Combining compelling stories, stunning photography and clean design with St. Augustine Social’s ultimate purpose to bridge the gap between resident, business and visitor, there’s never been such a commitment to bettering St. Augustine.

[quote]There’s no place like St. Augustine, and no one else has the experience, perspective and creativity to bring the oldest city to life like St. Augustine Social.[/quote]
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St. Augustine Social is a glossy, coffee-table stylebook with an eye-catching 9 x 11 size designed for greater presence and more page room for larger, more visible ads. It is perfect bound and printed bi-monthly.

Distribution Plan

  • 10%    EVENTS


Online all the time, is where the oldest city comes to life.  With expanded print features, daily blogs, opinion columns and an active marketplace for job boards, real estate and classifieds you’ll find the most content for and about St. Augustine than anywhere else.

Attract residents and visitors to your website with strategically placed banner ads located throughout features all of our print editorials plus delivers new content daily on living, dining, shopping and more in St. Augustine.

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[icon_box icon_name=”pixicon-elegant-check” title=”Full Circle Reach” display_button=”no”]St. Augustine Social believes in a multi-media approach to delivering your message to the most amount of people:  In print and online.  We put the same amount of effort into growing the awareness and engaging with the audience online as we do in print.  In our minds one cannot work without the other.[/icon_box][icon_box icon_name=”pixicon-elegant-check” title=”Larger Size” display_button=”no”]St. Augustine Social is wider and taller than a traditional magazine making it feel more like a coffee-table stylebook, rather than a disposable magazine.  This means your ads are bigger, attract more attention and stick around for more impressions.[/icon_box][icon_box icon_name=”pixicon-elegant-check” title=”Indepth Editorial” display_button=”no”]St. Augustine Social is the authority on a life well lived in St. Augustine.  Our editorial goes beyond boring profiles and lengthy fluff and highlights the stories that residents and visitors are shopping for.  Things like weekend guides, nationwide shopping trends available right in our backyard, local food flavors, home improvement, watersports and more.[/icon_box]
[icon_box icon_name=”pixicon-elegant-check” title=”Newsstand Distribution” display_button=”no”]St. Augustine Social is available for purchase at nearly every major magazine retailer like Publix, Barnes & Noble, Target, and Walgreens in St Johns County, Jacksonville, Gainesville, Palm Coast, Ormond Beach and Daytona Beach.[/icon_box][icon_box icon_name=”pixicon-elegant-check” title=”Modern, Attractive Design” display_button=”no”]St. Augustine Social’s roots are in graphic design, so you can always expect a clean, modern layout that today’s young active families are engaged with and prefer.[/icon_box][icon_box icon_name=”pixicon-elegant-check” title=”Bi-Monthly Frequency” display_button=”no”]St. Augustine Social produces a new issue every 2 months.  Why?  Because a magazine that comes out more frequently doesn’t get the full time and attention it deserves before the next monthly issue is rushed into the door.  Bi-monthly magazines reduce cost for the publisher and that savings is passed on to the advertiser in the form of lower cost ads.  Plus, the articles and ads are relevant longer giving readers more time to read each issue cover to cover.[/icon_box]
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Over 200,000 residents call St. Augustine home with projected 2015 numbers reaching 220,000.  Over the last 14 years St. Augustine’s population has grown over 50% compared to Florida’s overall growth rate of 17%.  Projected households for 2015 stand at 87,021, which means approximately 4,363 new households a year since 2013.  71.2% of our population are ages 5-59 which means a “New Majority” of young, active families are populating the Oldest City.

St. Augustine Social will reach the “New Majority” with our proven full circle marketing initiative and keep our clients “top of mind, top of awareness”.

Through a vast print distribution network, popular website, local networking, and promotional events, St. Augustine Social remains in front of a captive audience of wealthy residents, business owners, local trend-setters, families and the St. Augustine visitor.

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