SWAG: Make it Memorable

I’ve been wanting to post this blog since my last issue release party in January. We had a big event at the venue featured on the cover and gave swag bags to all the attendees. Each of my Occasions Magazine advertisers had the opportunity to put marketing materials in the swag bags and I was most impressed by Atlantic Limousine & Transportation. They gave pens with their logo. Sounds boring huh? They weren’t. Instead, they took the traditional pen and made it memorable by placing it a box and including in the box a message that made it make sense.

The pen lite up so the message, along with the company’s business card said…
“Are you like me? I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about tasks that I have to do. With this lighted pen, you make make your notes bedside, git if off your mind and get back to sleep. Simply click the top for a light and twist the end to access the pen.”

Genius. No longer are they the stranger company giving you stuff to fill your drunk drawer. Atlantic Limo made it personal, made it make sense and made it memorable.

If you are going to spend the money on swag bag items, make them memorable or don’t do it at all. Your postcard will end up in the trash, but if you engage the recipient your chances of turning that swag into an inquiry will increase. I promise.