To Publish or Not to Publish, That is the Question.

***Disclaimer:  this post has nothing to do with my recent Twitter update regarding publishing related to advertising.***

There’s a small spot between a rock and hard place I’ve recently found myself between and I’d like for you to weigh in on it.  I’ve added a lot of real event features recently to the website of Occasions Magazine and while I love them, they’ve been coming with some baggage.  When a real event is submitted to me, I email the host/hostess an interview form where they answer my questions on decor, most memorable moment, unique touches, etc.  Recently, I’ve had a handful of brides specifically request that certain vendors NOT be credited for their work in the feature because they were unhappy with the service they received.  I’ve not yet followed through with their request because let’s face it, I don’t love to be told what to do (and, I list what is given to me legitimately, not what I choose to include and not), BUT I wonder is there some merit to giving credit where credit is due or perhaps not, if the job wasn’t done right?

Maybe, in the new world of  “real event feature” publishing event vendors should consider that their work and reputation has a much longer life than they think.  It’s not just about the future referral anymore, but whether or not your business receives the PR it needs. If you have an unhappy customer, or even perhaps fellow event vendor, not solving the problem or correcting the mistake (sometimes with even a sincere apology) may leave you…. out.  Literally.

Here’s another one for you.  I have amazing relationships with many of the vendors published.   When the bride (or mother or whomever) asks for credit to be left out….  DO I TELL THE VENDOR???

Hmmmm?  I’m stumped.   What do you think?