Use Your Instruments

There is not a single business owner I know that loves to spend money on advertising.  Why?  Because they can’t see it working, trust it’s working or understand how it works. But there is a solution.

Imagine you are a pilot who has encountered bad weather.  You can’t see out of your windshield. You might feel like your flying straight when in actuality you’re diving straight into the ground because your senses are disoriented (spacial disorientation….trust me, it’s real).  So, you throw feelings out the window and look to your instruments like an artificial horizon, altimeter, vertical speed indicator and compass to help you land safely.  Pilots only trust what their instruments are telling them…. not what they see or feel.

Why?  Because when you can’t see, you use your instruments…..they are your only guarantee.


As a business owner… you cannot see what your marketing is doing for you everyday… so you need your instruments.  But what do you mean?  You simply aren’t present for the moment of influence.. whether it be from a print ad in magazine, your listing in google, a business card in a parking lot because it fell out of your pocket or a referral from a friend.  You are not a fly on the wall, angel in the sky or a peeping Tom.  That would be creepy.

And because you can’t be with each of your potential clients when they find out about your company… you use your instruments like google analytics, contact forms, and promotional codes to understand when and how those influences you pay for work.

But my feelings and friends are easier to gauge.  Wrong.
It’s easy to do.  Make assumption about pretty much anything in life based on your personal preferences, the latest trends you see rolling across your facebook home feed, or the latest buzz word you hear at a recent networking event.  And, I know that it’s difficult to have trust that the advertising channels you are putting your money into are a good investment if you have no idea how they work for you.. but you can know how they work for you if you invest the time to understand them.

Remember:  the only thing you should be using to measure the success is your marketing instrument panel and your bottom line.  Are you reaching your goals and are you making the money you need to stay in business?

Remember:  Feelings and perceptions have no place in marketing.  Using your feelings and personal perceptions of what you think your clients are doing… is not a healthy way to make business decisions.

Just as a pilot trusts his instruments to fly safely through bad weather when he cannot see, a business owner must trust in her marketing analytics programs to see how her advertising is working for her business.  If you can learn to trust your marketing by learning to track it and understand it’s effectiveness.. you will learn to love advertising.