Your Facebook Business Page Reach & Effectiveness

I meet people every day who don’t take their Facebook Business Page seriously.  If you stop thinking Facebook is just for socializing, gossip, & connecting with old high school friends and start thinking of ways you can capitalize on the audience and free advertising platform… you just might be surprised what you’ll find out.

Today my relationship manager at Occasions pointed out to me that Facebook has just introduced tracking data for business page admins that shows you how many people & what percentage of your audience (“likes”) your posts are reaching.  Here’s a snapshot of a recent post on our Facebook Page and at the bottom you can see where they are putting the data…

All the way at the bottom you’ll see 1,060 people were reached.    A-friggin-mazing… 1,060 people… FOR FREE.   That means impressions, comments, likes, views, etc….  28% of our audience engaged in that post.  Wow.  Every single point of contact your business has with your audience only embosses your brand on their brain even more.  Start to pay attention to that new feature, it’ll excite you!

Stumped on what to Facebook about? Here are some ideas…


  • Post Real Time updates.  If you’re a personal trainer.. snap a picture of your client doing her personal record bench press and post it to your Facebook page.  Or, if you’re a restaurant and you’re serving up a new dish tonight.. snap a picture of it and post to Facebook as it goes out to the table.
  • Link to every new blog post you create on your website.
  • Share anything new about your company.  They call it news for a reason – it’s new.  Share everything “new” with your audience.  New staff, new furniture, new haircut.. whatever.
  • Schedules of upcoming events.
  • Ask Questions. Engage your audience.  Need feedback on a new service or opinion on their favorite color…. just ask.
  • Post Pictures, pictures, pictures.
  • Hold Contests
  • Encourage people to “check-in” when they visit your business

Do not:

  • Don’t talk negatively about your competition on Facebook – EVER.
  • Absolutely, never create a personal page for your business
  • Don’t be boastful, just be real.
  • I can’t think of anymore “no, nos” but if you can.. post a comment below.

Remember, people do business with people they know and the more you post… they more your audience gets to know you.  Make social updates a habit and integrate it with your life.  Like brushing your teeth.  That’s how you’ll be successful on Facebook.

PS – Facebook just created an app exclusively to help you manage your business page on the go.  It’s the Facebook Pages App and you can download it for free here.

*Disclaimer:  Facebook DOES NOT and is never intended to replace traditional advertising & a balanced marketing plan.  It is an ingredient in your marketing soup recipe… not the only ingredient. #justsayin